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        1、我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物welcome History of the United States 我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Introduction The Discovery of America The War of Independence The American Civil War Westward Expansion The Great Depression In

        2、troduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The Discovery of America Columbus In 1492,Columbus landed at one of the Caribbean islands.Columbus called the local people Indians.Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐

        3、怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Amerigo Vespucci阿美利哥韋斯普奇(意大利航海家,商人,美洲新大陸以其命名為阿美利哥韋斯普奇(意大利航海家,商人,美洲新大陸以其命名為 America)He first confirmed the fact that a new continent had been discovered.The New World was named America to honor Amerigo Vespucci.Introduction to British and American

        4、Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The First Permanent English Colony In 1607 Three ships crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed by the side of a river-the James River.The first English colony was founded at Jamestown,Virginia.Introduction to British and Americ

        5、an Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The Founding of the Thirteen Colonies During the first 150 years,the British colonies in North America became a“melting pot”.By the early 1760s,English settlers had established 13 colonies along the Atlantic coast.Introduc

        6、tion to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The Birth of the United States nThe Conflict between Britain and the American Colonists nThe War of Independence Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?

        7、但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The Conflict between Britain and the American ColonistsnBackgroundqThe British government started imposing new taxes on sugar,coffee and textiles(紡織業).qThey passed many laws such as the Quartering Act and the Stamp Act(印花稅法).Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇

        8、了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Boston Tea Party 波士頓傾茶事件 nBackground qIn 1773,British government passed a new law-the Tea Act.nSlogan q“No taxation without representation”nTime qDecember 16,1773 nEvent qA group of Americans threw 342 boxes of tea into Boston Harbour

        9、(波士頓港).Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The War of Independence Time On October 19,1781 Result The British soldiers were forced to surrender.Consequences George Washington became the first President.The 4th of July became

        10、 the national holiday of America-the Independence Day.Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物 Complete a Timeline 1763:The French and Indian War ended 1773:_ 1774:The First Continental Congress 1775:_ 1776:_ 1781:_ Boston Tea P

        11、arty/Tea ActThe War of Independence beganDeclaration of Independence was adoptedThe War of Independence ended Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The Declaration of Independence On July 4,1776 the Second Continental Congress

        12、 officially declared independence and formed the United States of America by adopting the Declaration of Independence,written by Thomas Jefferson(托馬斯杰斐遜)of Virginia.(July 4 is celebrated as the nations birthday.)我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Westward Expansion “

        13、Manifest Destiny”西進運動 1.The hardship of early pioneer settlers Oregon Trail (俄勒岡小道俄勒岡小道)The trip on foot took four to six months.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物California Gold Rush加州淘金者 People traveled to California in the search for quick riches.The number of we

        14、stwardmigrants multiplied.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The American Civil War南北戰爭nNorthern vs.SouthernnAbraham Lincoln Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Northern vs.Southern Three sig

        15、nificant conflicts between the North and South of America.The slave problem Different economic interests The political conflict Major issue Slavery Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Northern vs.Southern The Southern states

        16、 Claimed for themselves the Confederate States(or the Confederacy)Slavery continued The Northern States Fought to maintain the Union Called the Union States Slavery had been abolished Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Nort

        17、hern vs.SouthernIssuesSouthern StatesNorthern StatesEconomyPlantations_centerSlavery_AbolishedPolitical powerMore powerful_ powerfulSupportThe Confederacy_Manufacturing Continued Less The Union Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有

        18、一個活的生物Abraham Lincoln March 1861-took the office of the president.April 12,1861-the Civil War began.September 22,1862-issued the Emancipation Proclamation which granted freedom to about 4 million slaves.Made a famous speech in Gettysburg.Introduction to British and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東

        19、西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The Civil War on April 9,1865 The Civil War officially ended with the unconditional surrender of the South.Consequence It resolved two fundamental issues:Slavery was completely abolished;America became a single and stronger nation.Introduction to Bri

        20、tish and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The Great DepressionIn October 1929,the stock market crashed,marketing the beginning of the Great Depression.During this time,the United States experienced deflation,unemployment soared from 3%in 1929 to 25%

        21、in 1933,and manufacturing output collapsed by one-third.Dorothea Langes Migrant Mother,depicts destitute pea pickers in California我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Franklin Roosevelt and the New Dea

        22、l 羅斯福新政羅斯福新政 Hoovers response to the depression President and Mrs.Roosevelt“First of all,let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itselfnameless,unreasoning,unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這

        23、樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物 FDR and the Early Phases of the New DealTo bring immediate relief to those who were suffering Public Works AdministrationCivil Works AdministrationTo bring the economy back to prosperityAgricultural Adjustment AdministrationTennessee Valley AuthorityTo put sa

        24、feguards in place so that the same situation would not occur againFederal Deposit Insurance CorporationSecurities and Exchange Commission The Second New Deal The New Deal did not pull the nation out of the Great Depression However,it did substantially improve the lives of millions of people for both

        25、 the short term and the long term.The programs of the New Deal would help stabilize the country and bring hope to millions.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物US in the Second World WarsAfter World War II Became the strongest power in the world Introduction to British

        26、 and American Culture我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物 World War IIIsolationism and NeutralityFirst they came for the communists,and I didnt speak out because I wasnt a communist.Then they came for the trade unionists,and I didnt speak out because I wasnt a trade unionist.Then they came for the Jews,and I didnt speak out because I wasnt a Jew.Then they came for meand there was no one left to speak out for me.Immediate Cause of Americas entrance into WWII-the Japanese raid on the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7,1941 THANK YOU

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