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        1、 (1861-1865)我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Reasons of America Civil War:The dispute between the south and the north Abraham Lincoln was elected as president The debate of the abolition of slavery我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物

        2、The south VS the north 我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物With American territorial expansion,the friction(矛盾)矛盾)of the north and the south became hairtrigger(一觸即發的)一觸即發的).As we all know,the economic system of the north was capitalist economic system,while,the south

        3、was plantation economy system(種植園經濟體種植園經濟體制)制),which meant an unavoidable war.(essential reason)At the same time,the capitalist called for the abolition of slavery,while the south objected to abolishing it in that they required more cheap labour.1860,Abraham Lincoln was elected as American president

        4、,Lincoln represented interest of the northern capitalists,so this election annoyed the south.(the direct cause of war)我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物 After Democratic Party failed in election,the south began to prepare rebellion and founded the Confederate States

        5、 of America(美利堅聯盟美利堅聯盟國)國);the Republican Party(共和黨)共和黨),led by Abraham Lincoln,had campainged aganist the rebellison and founded United States of America(美利堅合眾國)美利堅合眾國)我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物.At the beginning of civil war,the Republican Party was at disa

        6、dvantage,as a rusult,taking measures to expand faction was at the top of agenda.So,president Lincoln decided to abolish the slavery and carried out laws such as The Emancipation Proclamation(解解放黑人奴隸宣言)放黑人奴隸宣言)and Homestead law(宅地法)(宅地法)1862.The Emancipation Proclamation abolished slavery in some Sta

        7、tes of America.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The day they got freedom!我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Gettysburg Address(葛底斯堡演葛底斯堡演說)說)by Lincoln Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent,a new

        8、 nation,conceived in Liberty,and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.Now we are engaged in a great civil war,testing whether that nation,or any nation so conceived and so dedicated,can long endure.We are met on a great battle-field of that war.We have come to dedicate a porti

        9、on of that field,as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live.It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Battle of Gettysburg(葛底斯堡戰役)(葛底斯堡戰役),the turning point of war.was h

        10、appened in1863,Confederate States of America defeated in this battle.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Battle of Gettysburg s details (the north the south)Leaders:Robert Lee PK General Grant The total soliders:75000 PK 85000 The death toll:18399 VS 9000 Result:Confe

        11、derate States of America was loser,United States of America won.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Oh,Captain!My Captain!Walt WhitmanOh Captain!my Captain!our fearful trip is done;The ship has weatherd every rack,the prize we sought is won;The port is near,the bells

        12、I hear,the people all exulting,While follow eyes the steady keel,the vessel grim and daring:But Oh heart!heart!heart!Oh the bleeding drops of red,Where on the deck my Captain lies,Fallen cold and dead.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Guess it!我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什

        13、么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Abraham Lincoln(18091865)1809.2.12,birthday 1832(23 years old),his state parliament seat,In the same year(23 years old),lost.1834(25 years),again for the state,this won1838(29 years),the states bid to become the spokesman-without success1840(31 years old

        14、)and strive to be electors-lost1843(34 years),to participate in parliamentary elections-also unsuccessful1846(37 years),to participate in the Congress election again-this time elected1860(51 years old),was elected U.S.history one.April 15,1865,after civil war,was shoot by John Wilkes Booth(an actor)

        15、in the theatre.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物In US Civil War period,President Lincoln made bigs contributions to maintenance country unification,he helped founding and lead the Republican Party.Lincoln refused to recognize the Confederacy and made it his first p

        16、riority to reunite the nation.To do that he had to overthrow slavery as well,which he did through the Emacipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment.He took personal charge of Reconstruction,seeking to speedily re-unite the nation.He was opposed by the Radical Republicans who advocated much h

        17、arsher policies.Lincolns assassination as the war ended made him a martyr and icon of American nationalism.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Robert Edward Lee(1807-1870)-the commander-in-chief of the southPlace of birth :Stratford,VirginiaPlace of death:Lexington,Vi

        18、rginia Years of service :18291861Rank :Colonel 上校上校(USA)General 將軍將軍(CSA)Commands held :Army of Northern VirginiaBattles/Wars :Mexican-American War and American Civil War我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Early Life and Careerl born in 1807 in Virginial the fifth chi

        19、ld of Henry Leel father died when he was 11l entered the United States Military Academy(陸軍軍官學校)in 1825l first year the rank of sergeantl graduated in 1829l Mexican-American War (1846-1848)我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物 The result of civil war Confederate resista

        20、nce collapsed after Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9,1865,theUnited States of America won in the war,and the country was united.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物 The Significances of the Civil War()The economic significance:It wiped out

        21、 a remnant of the feudal times,which set back the economy of capitalism developed.Second,modern system of agricultural capitalism was set up.Third,the north struggled against southern plantation economy;Fourth,the Homestead Act announced in1862 made many poor people could get their own land.These ac

        22、tions were very meaningful to the poor people then.Meanwhile,encouraged people fight with the south.What is the most important is boosting the capitalist economy development.First,the most obvious is the war safeguard national unity and ethnic solidarity.Second,freed the black slaves encouraged Amer

        23、icans democracy.Compared with before,they have much more rights and freedom.()The political significance我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物Significance of the mental and cultureThe spirits about honest,brave,adamancy,responsibility and sense of duty and honor have gr

        24、eat effect on American people ever since.Meanwhile,as a very complex and important modern war,it offered subject for the later literature.It amazing that in many literary outputs,the south slave owners and military officers are real positive characters.For example,Gone With the Wind,Gods and General

        25、s.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物The negative meaning It brought enormous damages.According to statistics,the injured and the dead people were about 1095000 in total.About 64000 northern people were killed,the rest were the south.The courses of the death were var

        26、ious,for instance,illness,murder,drowning,poison and so on.Civil War Monument written that this war last 4 years,about 620000 people were killed in the battle In term of economy,the war consumed a great deal of money.Too much community facilities and environment damaged.All these set back the economy to some extent.我嚇了一跳,蝎子是多么丑惡和恐怖的東西,為什么把它放在這樣一個美麗的世界里呢?但是我也感到愉快,證實我的猜測沒有錯:表里邊有一個活的生物 Thank you!小組成員:黃婷芳、龔玉萍、陳清、小組成員:黃婷芳、龔玉萍、陳清、屈紅英、程衛劍屈紅英、程衛劍

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