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        1、河南省許昌市第三高級中學2020屆高三英語3月月考試題一、單選題(共20題;共40分)1._ you disturb me now? Im busy preparing a report. Terribly sorry, but I have something urgent to tell you. A.NeedB.ShouldC.MightD.Must2.Bobs lectures _ a fairly wide range and I cant sum up what he said in a few sentences. A.consideredB.conveyedC.commandD

        2、.covered3.With a violent effort, Mathilde Loisel overcame her grief and replied, “Nothing. Only I havent a dress. Give your invitation to some friend of yours whose wife will _ better than I shall.” A.turn outB.carry outC.give outD.come out4.She and her family bicycle to work, _ helps them keep fit.

        3、 A.whichB.whoC.asD.that5._ we dont stop climate change, many animals and plants in the world will be gone. A.AlthoughB.WhileC.IfD.Until6.Yuan Longping has won many awards, shows his extraordinary achievements. A.whatB.thatC.whoD.which7._ made us much disappointed.A.Her not coming backB.Her not to co

        4、me backC.She not coming backD.She not to come back8.I got to the office earlier that day, _ the 7:30 train from Paddington. A.caughtB.to have caughtC.to catchD.having caught9.There is much truth in the idea kindness is usually served by frankness. A.whyB.whichC.thatD.whether10.If you cannot have the

        5、 best, make the_ of what you have. A.betterB.bestC.leastD.worst11.Mr. Wang made up his mind to devote all he could _ his oral English before going abroad. A.improveB.to improveC.improvingD.to improving12.Its surprising that your brother _Russian so quicklyhe hasnt lived there very long. A.picked upB

        6、.looked upC.put upD.made up13.The accident have been caused by a dog running across the road, but we dont know for sure. A.mightB.shouldC.willD.must14.Muchtime_sittingatadesk,officeworkersaregenerallytroubledbyhealthproblems.A.beingspentB.havingspentC.spentD.spending15.Located_the eastern coast of t

        7、he sea,the village is fairly new_only a small population of less than 3000. A.on; withB.off; withC.in; ofD.on; in16.If the traffic so heavy, I could have been back by 6 oclock. A.hadnt beenB.wasntC.couldnt beD.hasnt been17. Can you do me a favour, Mr. Smith? My car _ start. No problem. You can count

        8、 on it.A.wontB.mustntC.needntD.shouldnt18._ 840 square miles, the national park has beautiful lakes, mountains and forests. A.CoverB.CoveringC.CoveredD.To cover19.Goodbye, John. Come back again sometime.Sure. _.A.I didB.I doC.I shallD.I will20.I cant thank you _much, because without your help I _ ha

        9、ve won the first place. A.too; wouldntB.very; shouldntC.that; might notD.so; couldnt二、補全對話(共1題;共5分)21.根據對話情境和內容,從對話后所給的選項中選出能填入每一空白處的最佳選項。選項中有兩個為多余選項。Lucy:Hi, Kate. What are doing tonight?Kate:_Any suggestions?Lucy:_Im planning it for days.Kate:A 3D film? Who stars?Lucy:Suraj Sharma, a handsome youn

        10、g actor.Kate:Oh!_Lucy:An Indian boys unusual experience with a tiger at sea.Kate:_What time is it on?Lucy:Half past six._Kate:Sure. When and where shall we meet?Lucy:Lets meet around six at the gate of Oscar Cinema.Kate:Great. See you then.A. Not decided yet.B. What is it about?C. Wow, sounds cool.D

        11、. Could you pick me up?E. Do you want to join me?F. What about going to a concert?G. How about seeing the 3D film Life of Pi?三、任務型閱讀(共1題;共10分)22.請認真閱讀下列短文,并根據所讀內容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一個最恰當的單詞。 注意:每個空格只填1個單詞。The changes facing fast-food companies Fast food was once thought to be recession-proof. When consume

        12、rs need to cut spending, cheap meals like Big Macs and Whoppers become even more attractive. As a result, fast-food chains have survived the recession better than their more expensive competitors. In 2009 sales at full-service restaurants in America fell by more than 6%, but total sales remained abo

        13、ut the same at fast-food chains. In some markets, such as Japan, France and Britain, total spending on fast food increased. But in this ongoing recession(蕭條), which is more severe, not all fast-food companies have been as fortunate. Many, such as Burger King, have seen sales fall. In the recession,

        14、while some people trade down to fast food, many others eat at home more frequently to save money. Smaller fast-food chains in America, such as Jack in the Box and Carls Jr., have been hit particularly hard in this downturn because they cut back spending on advertising. In face of such challenges, so

        15、me fast-food companies have sacrificed their own profits by trying to give customers better value. During the recession companies set prices low, hoping to tempt more customers through the door. But in many cases that strategy doesnt work. Some companies are rethinking their strategies. KFC has laun

        16、ched a chicken sandwich that costs around $5 to attract consumers away from $1 specials. Companies are also trying to get customers to buy new and more items, including drinks. McDonalds started selling better coffee as a challenge to Starbucks. Its “McCafe” line now accounts for an estimated 6% of

        17、sales in America. As fast-food companies shift from “super size” to “more buys”, they need to keep customer traffic high throughout the day. Many see breakfast as a big opportunity, and not just for fatty food. McDonalds has started selling porridge in America, because the profits can be high. But w

        18、hat about those growing waistlines? So far, fast-food firms have cleverly avoided government regulation. By providing options like salads and low-calorie sandwiches, they have at least given the impression of doing something about helping to fight obesity(肥胖). These offerings dont necessarily lead t

        19、o profit loss, as they can broaden the appeal of stores to groups of diners that include some people who dont want to eat a burger. But calls for tougher government regulation never wear down. This year Congress passed Americas health-reform bill, which requires restaurant chains with 20 or more sto

        20、res to put the calorie-content of items they serve to the menu. And the recent proposal by a county in California to ban McDonalds from including toys in its high-calorie “Happy Meals”, because law makers believe it attracts children to unhealthy food, suggests that fast-food companies will have to

        21、continue trying something new. The changes facing fast-food companies_四、填空題(共1題;共10分)23.詞性轉換(1)compare (n.)_(2)conclude (n.) _(3)wide (n.) _(4)guilt (adj.) _(5)miss (adj.) _(6)spirit (adj.) _(7)large (v.) _(8)occasion (adv.) _(9)violent (n.) _(10)finance(adj.) _五、完形填空(共1題;共20分)24.閱讀短文,從短文后各題所給的四個選項(

        22、A,B,C,和D)中,選出可以填入空白處的最佳選項。 Any form of speech can be challenging, particularly if you are not used to talking in front of an audience. I am very 1 that I have been doing presentations and 2 training programs for many years, 3 I have got used to the nervousness that always appears inside before I spe

        23、ak. The nervousness is always a(n) 4 thing for me as it allows me to channel my energy into what I want to say. Just recently I had the pleasure of 5 at a conference about the key success factors (因素) in business and as usual in the days before my presentation I spent a lot of time 6 what I wanted t

        24、o cover, as well as 7 the content. I have always 8 the level of success of my presentations by the applause (掌聲) and 9 that I receive from the audience. After the applause ended I had the 10 to personally speak to nearly all of the delegates (代表). The last delegate I spoke with 11 me by taking my ha

        25、nd, shaking it and saying how much she 12 my presentation, and that she had got a lot of 13 tips to use in her business. Usually I feel 14 after any presentation, and I know it is directly related to how much energy I put into what I do. 15 , this time her praise gave me a great lift and recharged m

        26、y batteries. This 16 at the end of my presentation also made me realize that what we 17 in life can come back to us and 18 , we all need to value the praise when and where it is deserved. As I drove away from the 19 I reflected on how fortunate I had been to receive all those words of praise and 20

        27、that morning.1. A. curiousB. fortunateC. doubtfulD. amazed2. A. copyingB. conductingC. usingD. designing3. A. butB. thoughC. soD. because4. A. impossibleB. naturalC. funnyD. good5. A. performingB. speakingC. educatingD. learning6. A. printingB. reducingC. researchingD. telling7. A. imaginingB. prote

        28、ctingC. describingD. preparing8. A. measuredB. changedC. raisedD. adjusted9. A. giftsB. adviceC. commentsD. invitation10. A. motivationB. responsibilityC. planD. chance11. A. greetedB. blamedC. confusedD. welcomed12. A. exploredB. enjoyedC. admiredD. expected13. A. interestingB. simpleC. helpfulD. f

        29、ree14. A. excitedB. relaxedC. embarrassedD. tired15. A. HoweverB. MoreoverC. OtherwiseD. Therefore16. A. challengeB. discoveryC. experienceD. accident17. A. figure outB. set upC. dream ofD. give out18. A. equallyB. differentlyC. seriouslyD. practically19. A. partyB. conferenceC. schoolD. ceremony20.

        30、 A. achievementB. comfortC. trustD. encouragement六、閱讀理解(共1題;共10分)25.閱讀下列短文:根據短文做出正確的回答。 Walking will be banned on escalators as part of a trail designed to reduce congestion(擁堵) at some of the countrys busiest stations. In the first move of its kind, all travelers will be forced to stand on both sid

        31、es of escalators on the London Underground as part of a plan to increase capacity(容量) at the height of the rush hour. A six-month trial will be introduced at Holborn station from mid-April, eliminating the rule of standing on the right and walking on the left. The move, imitating a similar structure

        32、 in Far eastern cities such as Hong Kong, is designed to increase the number of people using long escalators at the busiest times. It could be expanded across the Tube network in coming years. According to London Underground, only 40percent of travelers walk the full length of long escalators, leavi

        33、ng the majority at the bottom as they wait to get on to the “standing “side. A three-week trial at Holborn last year found that the number of people using escalators at any time of could be raised by almost a third. Peter McNaught, operations director at London Underground, said: “It may not seem ri

        34、ght that you can go quicker by standing still, but our experiments at Holborn have proved that it can be true. This new six-month trial will help us find out if we can influence customers to stand on both sides in the long term.” Holborn has one of the longest sets of escalators on the Underground n

        35、etwork at 23.4high. Tube bosses claim that capacity was limited because so few people wanted to walk upmeaning only one side was used at all times. Research has shown that it is more effective use of escalators over 18.5 to ban walking. The previous trial found that escalators at the station normall

        36、y carried 2,500people between 8:30 am and 9:30 am on a typical day, rising to 3,250 during the researching period. In the new trial, which will be launched from April 18, one of three “up” escalators will be standing only, with a second banning walking at peak times. A third will remain a mix of wal

        37、king and standing.(Note: Answering the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TEN WORDS.)(1)What is theexisting problem with standing on the right and walking on the left?(2)What did last years three-week trial at Holborn station prove?(3)The researchsuggests that walking should be for

        38、bidden on escalators that are at least _in height.(4)In the new trail,in addition to one escalator banning walking in rush hours, the other up escalators willbe used for_.七、改錯題(共1題;共5分)26.假定英語課上老師要求同桌之間交換修改作文,請你修改你同桌寫的以下作文。文中共有10處語言錯誤,每句中最多有兩處。每處錯誤涉及一個單詞的增加、刪除或修改。 增加:在缺詞處加一個漏字符號(), 并在其下寫出該加的詞。刪除:把多余

        39、的詞用斜線()劃掉。修改:在錯的詞下劃一橫線, 并在該詞下面寫出修改后的詞。注意:每處錯誤及其修改均僅限一詞;只允許修改10處, 多者(從第11處起)不計分。 When I grow up, Ill work with animals. Though I dont know exactly how I can do for the animals yet, I can at least to follow my brother. He is a excellent vet. He looks after frightened snakes. He says that snakes are ea

        40、sy to deal as they dont have any legs. My father, a scientist, works to save rarely birds, some of that are really clever and can even say some words. My mother trains dolphins every workday. They practise in the pool. She hears the dolphins talk and sang. That sounds really cool! There are so many

        41、animal job to choose from, but which one is right for them? Ill have to wait and see!答案解析部分一、單選題1.【答案】 D 2.【答案】 D 3.【答案】 A 4.【答案】 A 5.【答案】 C 6.【答案】 D 7.【答案】 A 8.【答案】 D 9.【答案】 C 10.【答案】 B 11.【答案】 D 12.【答案】 A 13.【答案】 A 14.【答案】 C 15.【答案】 B 16.【答案】 A 17.【答案】 A 18.【答案】 B 19.【答案】 D 20.【答案】 A 二、補全對話21.【答案】

        42、 A;G;B;C;E 三、任務型閱讀22.【答案】 survivors/competitors/businesses/companies;appeals;instead;decreased/reduced/less;Strategies/Measures/Approaches/Solutions/Ways;high/higher;added;profitable;healthy/healthier;creative/innovative/flexible/adaptable 四、填空題23.【答案】 (1)comparison(2)conclusion(3)width(4)guilty(5)m

        43、issing(6)spiritual(7)enlarge(8)occassionally(9)violence(10)financial. 五、完形填空24.【答案】 (1)B;(2)B;(3)C;(4)D;(5)B;(6)C;(7)D;(8)A;(9)C;(10)D;(11)A;(12)B;(13)C;(14)D;(15)A;(16)C;(17)D;(18)A;(19)B;(20)D; 六、閱讀理解25.【答案】 (1)The capacity ofescalators hasnt been made full use of.(2)Passengers can go quicker by standing still.(3)18.5m(4)standing only and a mix of walking and standing七、改錯題26.【答案】 how改為what。刪掉to。a改為an。frightened改為frightening。在deal后加with。rarely改為rare。that改為which/whom。sang改為sing。job改為jobs。themme。

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