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        1、12The Author Tom Hallman,Jr.,45,has worked at The Oregonian for 19 years.He was born and raised in Portland.He graduated with a degree in journalism from Drake University in Des Moines,Iowa.He was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in beat reporting in 1995 and feature writing in 1999.3 He won the 1996 ASNE

        2、Distinguished Writing Award for non-deadline writing,and the 1996 feature writing award from the National Society of Professional Journalists,and the Livingston Award for Young Journalists.4 He won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing for his series of articles in The Oregonian on Sam Lightne

        3、r.A reporter for more than twenty-five years,Hallman has been at The Oregonian since 1980,and is currently a senior reporter specializing in features and narratives.5The Boy behind the Maskn Tom Hallmans Pulitzer prize-winning series Sam:The Boy Behind the Mask tells the true,heart-wrenching story o

        4、f Sam Lightner.Born with a rare disfiguring growth that covers and distorts the left side of his face,skull,and neck-Sam is determined to live a normal life.6 For fourteen years,doctors refuse to operate on Sam,until an elite team of surgeons at Boston Childrens Hospital undertake a risky thirteen-h

        5、our operation to remove the malformation.Sam nearly dies on the operating table,but survives,and returns home to begin his freshman year of high school.However,when doctors discover excess fluid around his brain,Sam slips into a coma,and is not 7expected to live.As the family and doctors begin to gi

        6、ve up,one doctor-pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby-keeps believing,even as all hope seems lost.The only female in the boys club of neurosurgery,Dr.Wehby is scorned for refusing to accept facts and for allowing her emotions-as a woman-to cloud her medical judgment.But she perseveres,staying by Sams

        7、 side,until he moves first a finger,then a foot,and finally,begins to interact with those around him.8Thinking aboutnDo you have any experiences of being a salesperson?Have you ever sold things to others or been persuaded to buy something?nWhat are the qualities of being a good salesman?9What is the

        8、 text about?10Text StructurenPlease scan the text to see if there is any natural division of parts in the text.nAsterisks divide the text into 4 parts.nPlease read the first paragraph of each part,locate the time words or references to time.nThey are 5:45,7:45,“This is the moment hes been preparing

        9、for since 5:45 a.m.”,after 7 p.m.11nPart 1nParas 1-7early morningnPreparation for the days worknPart 2nParas 8-25mid-morningnOn his way to work12nPart 3nParas 26-62daynDoor-to-door sellingnPart 4nParas 63-84eveningnPaper work13Language StudynLinger(L1):spend a long time doing sth.,esp.because one do

        10、ne not want to leave 磨蹭;留戀;徘徊nShe had a sandwich before heading off to work and had no time to linger for a glimpse of the citys scenery.n沒有時間讓你磨磨蹭蹭吃飯了,校車快來了。nThere is no time for you to linger over your meal the school bus is coming.n這美好的印象將永遠留在我的記憶中。nThe fond impression will linger in my memory fo

        11、rever.nsyn:tarry,dally14Language Studyntarry:to delay or be late in going,coming,or doing;to wait;to remain or stay temporarily,as in a placentarry on the wayntarry(for)sbs replyntarry at an innndally:to waste timendally over ones work15Language Studyntwist(L5):扭曲;歪曲n疼痛使他的臉都變了形。nHis face was twisted

        12、 with pain.n一些日本人極力歪曲他們骯臟的歷史。nSome Japanese try to twist their dirty history.ntwist and turn 蜿蜒nThe road twisted and turned across the hills.ntwists and turns 彎彎曲曲處;曲折變化nThe twists and turns of his arguments made his speech very difficult to understand.16Language Studyngain on sb/sth(L14):chase to g

        13、et in front of or near to sb/sth,esp.a rival or sth.unpursued 逼近,接近nThe police are gaining on us!nThe Democratic candidate was gaining on his Republican rival in the election,but only defeated him at the last moment.17Language Studynkick up(L19):cause to rise揚起;激起nThe wind kicked up a cloud of dust.

        14、nStop kicking up a fuss.he is miserable enough.ntilt(L21):move into a sloping positionnShe sat listening,with her head tilted slightly to one side.n輿論已經偏向社會主義黨。nPopular opinion has tilted in favor of the Socialist.18Language Studynlean(L24):n(1)v.bend;be in a sloping positionnGalileo dropped a small

        15、 stone and a big stone from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to falsify Aristotles theory.n(2)a.thin and healthy;small in amount or qualitynHe has a lean athletic body.nThe shop is just making lean profits.19Language Studynguarantee(L58):n(1)promise sth.with certainty 擔保n霧天我們不能保證火車會準點到達。nWe cannot guarante

        16、e the punctual arrival of the train in foggy weather.n大學生現在畢業不包分配。nCollege students are no longer guaranteed jobs upon graduation.20Language Studyn(2)undertake to pay the cost of repairs resulting from a fault 保修nThe company guaranteed its clocks for six months.nCompare:warrant 保證是真的;證明是正當的nThis mat

        17、erial is warranted to be pure silk.n美國干涉我國內政當然是沒有道理的。nAmericas interference with our internal affairs is certainly not warranted.21Language Studynsell (on)sth(L58):persuadeneg.*Will they be able to sell their ideas to voters?n *Im completely sold on the idea;I think its a brilliant plan.n *In the en

        18、d shes really sold on the idea of buying some soap.n *Can you sell your boss your scheme?22Language Studyntail(L106):n1)vt.follow secretlyneg.*The car has been tailing me for the whole morning.n2)n.the person who followsneg.*They put a tail on the spy as he left the airport.23Language Studyn solitar

        19、y(L131):done or existing alone;without companion nHe felt himself more solitary than he had ever done in his life.Compare:alone,lonesome,lonely,desolate She lives on tea and cake when she is _.Come over and see me,Im feeling a bit _.The death of his wife left him completely _.alonelonesome/lonely/so

        20、litary desolate24Language Studynstraight(L136):n1)consecutive:a straight-A student;a two-hour straight live concertn2)simple,with nothing-addedneg.*The workers were given a straight choice between a pay cut and losing their jobs.25Language Studynbe laid up(with)(L139):confined(as by illness)to bed;b

        21、e bedridden neg.*The football player was laid up in bed with a twisted knee.n *He was laid up with acute flu for weeks.26Language Studynin time(L157):Within an indefinite time;eventuallyneg.*In time they came to accept the harsh facts.n *You will in time recover your health and strength.27Language S

        22、tudynunreadable(L150):n1)(of handwriting)not easily deciphered;indecipherablensyn:indecipherable,illegible,unclear,undecipherablen2)unsuitable for or not worth reading;dull:nunreadable prose;wholly unreadable statistics.28nThe text is a description of a typical day in the life of Bill Porter and als

        23、o a portrayal of his whole life.To do so,the author skillfully inserts flashbacks of past events and experiences in at least two places.Could you find them?29nFlashback 1nParas 11-20nhis disability,his schooling,and his hard struggle to make a living for himselfnFlashback 2nParas 71nhis back surgery

        24、 and the selling of his house30 This article first appeared in a newspaper;therefore it carries many characteristics of journalistic writing.First of all,a journalist tries to be objective in reporting.As a result,third-person narrative is usually preferred over first-person narrative.Moreover,the j

        25、ournalist would not make any comments to reveal his/her feelings,but simply give the facts.Text Analysis31 Secondly,an eye-catching beginning helps lure readers to linger more on the story out of an overwhelming number of stories offered by the days newspaper.For example,at the beginning of this sto

        26、ry,we learn that it takes our physically deformed hero great efforts to get up so as to do something important,yet what is this something?We are kept in suspense until the fourth paragraph.Text Analysis-232Text Analysis-3 Thirdly,the vocabulary is simple,the sentences and paragraphs short,sometimes

        27、elliptical.When needs arise,a paragraph is as short as one sentence.Lastly,conversations can be transcribed word for word if they illustrate the theme,like the one in the text between Bill Porter and his indecisive female customer.33Assignment The text depicts a physically deformed salesperson who sustained himself on mere tough work.What are your reflections on this feature story?Write a journal entitled Purpose in Life.個人觀點供參考,歡迎討論

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