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        1、Unit 1 My names Gina.單元復習單元復習復習前活動復習前活動復習內容:復習內容:問候用語活動設計意圖:活動設計意圖:激發學習興趣,引出將要復習的內容。教學步驟教學步驟教師行為教師行為學生行為學生行為Step1復習問候用語,激發學生的興趣。Ask students to list ways of greeting.List ways of greeting.復習問候用語基礎知識測評基礎知識測評詞匯測評詞匯測評復習內容復習內容:教材 Self Check活動設計意圖:活動設計意圖:通過練習,檢測學生本單元基礎知識掌握情況。教學步驟教學步驟教師行為教師行為學生行為學生行為Step2

        2、布置課本 Self Check Activity 1任務,利用 PPT 演示,監測重點詞的掌握。Ask students to do Exercise 1.Check()the words they know.IitisID cardwhatmyhelloyourhisherfirst namelast nametelephone numberCheck()the words they know.在認識的詞語前打勾。Step3布置課本 Self Check Activity 2任務,讓學生在筆記本上記下一些新單詞。Ask students to write some new wordsin t

        3、heir notebooks.Writesomenewwordsintheirnotebooks.在筆記本上記下一些新單詞。Step4布置課本 Self CheckActivity 3 任務,讓學生先填寫卡片,然后介紹兩個同學。Askstudentstointroducetwoclassmates in the cards.Introduce two classmates in the cards.填寫卡片,介紹兩個同學??上茸寣W生填卡片,然后請兩三個學生在班上作口頭介紹。Sample:This is my classmate.His name is 綜合測評綜合測評復習內容:復習內容:見 S

        4、elf Check 基礎句型學習評價活動設計意圖:活動設計意圖:通過練習進行單元重點句型的檢測。教學步驟教學步驟教師行為教師行為學生行為學生行為Step5可以先布置學生利用20分鐘完成測試題,利用 PPT 演示答案,進行核對及講解。Ask students to finish the test.Thencheck the answers.Finish the test.獨立完成測試題。Check the answers.核對答案。單元綜合測評單元綜合測評復習內容:復習內容:見 Self Check 單元知識達標學習效果評價活動設計意圖:活動設計意圖:通過練習進行單元達標檢測。教學步驟教學步驟教

        5、師行為教師行為學生行為學生行為Step6布置學生完成測試題,然后讓學生與同桌互換,演示 PPT,核對答案。AskstudentstofinishTestBindividually.Finish Test B individually.獨立完成測試 B。Step7布置學生進行小組合作小結本單元知識:Ask students to sum up in groups.詞匯:my,name,is,names=name is,clock,I,am,Im=I am,nice,to,meet,you,what,whats=what is,your,hello,hi,his,and,her,question,

        6、answer,look,first,first name,last,lastname,boy,girl,zero,one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,telephone,number,telephone number,phone,phone number,it,its=it is,card,ID card,family,family name句型:Whats your name?My name is Gina.Im Gina.Nice to meet you.Whats your phone number?Its 284-2942.語法:系

        7、動詞 be1)Affirmative statements(肯定句)I am Elizabeth Smith.She/He/It is tall.We/You/They are right.2)Negative statements(否定句)I am not a teacher.She/He isnt my classmate.We/They arent from Canada.3)Yes/Noquestionsandshortanswers.(一般疑問句及簡略答語)Am I right?Yes,you are./No,you arent.Is he/she your friend?Yes,h

        8、e/she is./No,he/sheisnt.Are we/you/they in the sameclass?Yes,we/they are./No,we/theyarent.4)Contraction(縮略形式)Im=I amyoure=you areSum up in groups.小組合作小結單元知識。hes=he isshes=she iswere=we aretheyre=they areisnt=is notarent=are notStep8小結后,可以組織學生進行游戲競賽活動,進一步鞏固本單元知識。Ask students to play the game.(Task 1)

        9、如小組計時接龍比賽:S1:I am a boy.S2:He is a boy.I am a girl.S3:He is a boy.She is a girl.I am aboy.S4:He is a boy.She is a girl.He is aboy.I am a girl.S5:I am a boy.Play the game.(Task 1)進行游戲競賽活動。Step9布置自我介紹的口頭表達任務,可以在小組內進行交流。Ask students to finish the oral practice.Sample:Finish Task 2.完成口語交流任務。I have a hap

        10、py family.There are three people in my family.Iam a student.My name is Alice.Myfather is a doctor.He is forty years old.Mymotherisateacher.Sheisthirty-nine.I love them very much.Weare a happy family.Step10布置學生完成 Task 3。Ask students to finish Task 3.Sample:This is my new friend.Hisname is Eric.His ph

        11、one number is579372.His favorite color is blue.Hisfavorite subject is English.Another friend is Gina.She is agirl.Her phone number is 586391.Herfavorite color is green.Her favoritesubject is P.E.What about your newfriends?Finish Task 3.按教師要求完成任務。Step11布置學生完成 Task 4。(根據學生情況,可以先口頭練習,再進行書面練習。)Ask stude

        12、nts to finish Task 4.Task 4:我眼中的名人This is I like him very much.Hisfirst name is His last name is Finish Task 4.按教師要求完成任務?;A句型學習評價基礎句型學習評價一、看身份證并回答問題。一、看身份證并回答問題。ID CardFirst name:GinaLast name:GreenTelephone number:3987621.Whats her last name?_2.Whats her first name?_3.Whats her telephone number?_Ke

        13、y:1.Her last name is Green.2.Her first name is Gina.3.Her telephone number is 398762.二、看身份證,并把她的信息介紹給大家二、看身份證,并把她的信息介紹給大家。ID CardHer name:Helen MillerHer first name:HelenHer last name:MillerHer age:12 years oldHer telephone number:860395Her class:Class 2Her e-mail address:Key:I have a friend.Her nam

        14、e is Helen Miller.Her first name is Helen.Her last name is Miller.She is 12 years old.Her telephone number is 860395.She is in Class 2.Her e-mail address .單元知識達標學習效果評價單元知識達標學習效果評價一、圈出下面對話中的名字。相同的名字只圈一次。一、圈出下面對話中的名字。相同的名字只圈一次。A:Hi,Kate.How are you?B:Fine,thanks.And you?A:Im great.Oh,Kate,this is my f

        15、riend,Bill.B:Hi,Bill,Im Kate.Nice to meet you.A:Nice to meet you,too,Kate.A:Good morning,Miss Lee.B:Good morning,Karen.How are you this morning?A:Very well,thank you.B:Oh,this is Mr Clark.A:Nice to meet you,Mr Clark.My name is Karen.B:Nice to meet you,Karen.二、用英語寫出數字二、用英語寫出數字0-10。0 _ 1_ 2_ 3_ 4_ 5_

        16、6_ 7_ 8_9 _ 10_三、寫出下列縮略詞的完整形式。三、寫出下列縮略詞的完整形式。1.Whats her name?_ _ her name?2.His names Tom.His _ _ Tom.3.Im Lucy._ _ Lucy.4.Hes my English teacher._ _ my English teacher.5.Whats your telephone number?_ _ your telephone number.四、根據首字母補全單詞。四、根據首字母補全單詞。1.Lat the boy.Hlast name is Smith.2.Whats your tel

        17、ephone n?3.I cant athe question.4.Nice to myou.5.Eme,are you Alice?Yes,I a.6.Thank you.Youre w.五、用適當的單詞填空。五、用適當的單詞填空。Hello,my name 1)Li Wei.Here is an American 2).3)name is David Green.He 4)twelve.I 5)twelve,too.David is 6)Class Three,Grade One.I am in 7),too.Sowe are 8).He is Number Eight.9)am numb

        18、er Five.六、根據中文提示完成句子。六、根據中文提示完成句子。1她姓什么?What is _ _ _?2吉姆的電話號碼是多少?Whats _ _ _?3六加八等于幾?Whats _ and _?4請看這張圖片。Please _ at the picture.5我在一年級3班。Im in _ 3,_ 1.6比爾是一個男孩名字。Bill is _ _ _.七、按要求對句子進行轉換。七、按要求對句子進行轉換。1.My name is Mary.(就畫線部分提問)_ your name?2.Nice to meet you.(同義句轉換)_ _ _ you.3.He is Mike.(就畫線部分

        19、提問)What is _ _?4.Her telephone number is 864371.(就畫線部分提問)_ _ telephone number?5.His name is Jim Green.(同義句轉換)His _ name is Jim,and his _ name is Green.單元知識達標學習效果評價參考答案:單元知識達標學習效果評價參考答案:一、圈出下面對話中的各個名字。相同的名字只圈一次。一、圈出下面對話中的各個名字。相同的名字只圈一次。Kate;Kevin;Bill;Karen;Miss Lee;Mr Clark二、用英語寫出數字二、用英語寫出數字0-10。zer

        20、o;one;two;three;four;five;six;seven;eight;nine;ten三、寫出下列縮略詞的完整形式。三、寫出下列縮略詞的完整形式。1.What is2.name is3.I am4.He is5.What is四、根據首字母補全單詞。四、根據首字母補全單詞。1.Look;His2.number3.answer4.meet5.Excuse;am6.welcome五、用適當的單詞填空。五、用適當的單詞填空。1.is2.boy3.His4.is5.am6.in7.Class Three,Grade One8.classmates9.I六、根據中文提示完成句子。六、根據中

        21、文提示完成句子。1.her last name2.Jims telephone/phone number3.six;eight4.look5.Class;Grade6.a boys name七、按要求對句子進行轉換。七、按要求對句子進行轉換。1.Whats2.Nice to see/Glad to see/meet3.his name4.Whats her5.first;last單元學習小結單元學習小結一、學會使用本單元以下重點詞匯和短語:一、學會使用本單元以下重點詞匯和短語:my,name,is,names=name is,clock,I,am,Im=I am,nice,to,meet,yo

        22、u,what,whats=what is,your,hello,hi,his,and,her,question,answer,look,first,first name,last,last name,boy,girl,zero,one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,telephone,number,telephone number,phone,phone number,it,its=it is,card,ID card,family,family name例如:詞匯填空你能在下面的表格里填出更多的單詞嗎?Name(名字)Andy,BillPe

        23、rsonal pronouns(人稱代詞)I,youPlace(地點)China,SydneyGreetings(問候)Hello,Good morningKey:Name(名字)Andy,Bill,Peter,Gina,Tom,Rita Personal pronouns(人稱代詞)I,you,he,she,we,it Place(地點)China,Sydney,Australia,England,school,classroom Greetings(問候)Hello,Good morning.How are you?Hi,Nice to meet you 二、學會使用本單元以下重點句型:二

        24、、學會使用本單元以下重點句型:Whats your name?My name is Gina.Im Gina.Nice to meet you.Whats your phone number?Its 284-2942.例如:從 B 欄中找出 A 欄中每個問題的相應答語。AB()1.Whats this in English?A.Im in Class 2.()2.Whats her telephone number?B.My name is Tony.()3.Can you spell it?C.Its a book.()4.Whats your name?D.Nice to meet you

        25、,too.()5.What color is it?E.Its 986546.()6.What class are you in?F.Its red.()7.How are you?G.R-U-L-E-R.()8.Nice to meet you!H.Im fine,thanks!Key:1-5 CEGBF6-8 AHD三、語法:三、語法:系動詞 be1)Affirmative statements(肯定句)I am Elizabeth Smith.She/He/It is tall.We/You/They are right.2)Negative statements(否定句)I am no

        26、t a teacher.She/He isnt my classmate.We/They arent from Canada.3)Yes/No questions and short answers.(一般疑問句及簡略答語)Am I right?Yes,you are./No,you arent.Is he/she your friend?Yes,he/she is.No,he/she isnt.Are we/you/they in the same class?Yes,we/they are./No,we/they arent.4)Contraction(縮略形式)Im=I amyoure=

        27、you arehes=he isshes=she iswere=we aretheyre=they areisnt=is notarent=are not例如:單項選擇用用 be 動詞的適當形式填空。動詞的適當形式填空。1.We _ in the same school.2.These _my classmates.3.I _ Elizabeth Smith.4.My name _ William.5.She _ from the United States.6.You _ from the States too,arent you?7.I _ from New York.Key:1.are2

        28、.are3.am4.is5.is6.are7.am四、知識閱讀四、知識閱讀閱讀文章,然后根據文章內容填空。閱讀文章,然后根據文章內容填空。Where do names come from?Everybody has a name.Parents choose(選擇)names for their children.What kind of namesdo they choose?Where do names come from,and what do they mean?Most given names are either girls or boys names.But some names

        29、 can be the same forboys and girls,like Kim or Alex.Some girls names are the names of flowers,like Lily or Iris.Many Western names come from the Bible(圣經),like Mark and Peter for boys,and Mary andRuth for girls.Family names are interesting,too.Mr Blacks name is a color.A long time ago,Mr Butchersold meat.And Mr Robinson was the son of a man called Robin.1.Mark and Peter are names from _.2.Kim orAlex can be _ names.3.Mr _ has the same name as a color.4.Mr _ has the same name as a job.Key:1.the Bible2.boys or girls3.Black4.Butcher

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