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        1、高三英語語法填空教案3篇供大家寫文參考!高三英語語法填空教案篇1教學內容:This lesson is about Module 7 Unit 1 “This dog can help him.” of New Standard English, Book 9. This lesson is for the students of Grade Five.教學目標:1、Knowledge aims:a. To enable students to master and use these new words : blind , special.b. To enable students to m

        2、aster the usage of “can” .c. To enable students to use the target sentences correctly : This dog can help him . Can Fifi help the blind people ? No , he cant . He only wants to play .2、Ability aims:a. Talking about abilities with “can” , “cant ” and know the objective case.b. To improve students lan

        3、guage ability.3、Emotion aims:a. To encourage students to cooperate with the others , help each other and learn from each other.b. To educate students to protect animals and help disabled people .教學重點:To master and use the new words , sentence pattern and the usage of “can”。教學難點:To use the sentence p

        4、atterns to talk about ability.教學準備:cards , CD-ROM, CAI, task-paper, taperecorder.教學過程:Step1. Warming up1、Greeting.2、Please sing a song and do the actions.3、Look and say some phrases more .4、Free talk. What can you do ? Or what cant you do?Step 2. PresentationDear boys and girls, Do you love animals?

        5、We can see some dogs and cats in our life. What can they do ?Today well learn Module 7 Unit 1. ( Write on the blackboard)Step 3. Practice1、Listen to the text and try to answer the questions:Q1: How many dogs are there in the text? Answer the question-2 dogs.2、Show Ss by PPT:Look at this dog. Is this

        6、 dog lovely? Its a pet dog. Its name is Fifi. Look at the other one.Is it lovely? It is very special. Learn special(Pay attention to the pronunciation of “e”)3、Show Ss a picture of blind people by PPT and ask “Whats the matter with this man ?”Learn blind4、Who can help him? Look! This dog can help hi

        7、m. (Write on the blackboard.) Learn the target sentence. (Read in the different ways. ) Pay attention to “ him”。Learn the usage of objective case . Then do a practice .a. My mum is ill. I will help_. (she her)b. Who can help _? ( I me)c. The boy is cute. Dad bought a pen for_. (him he)d. These are b

        8、lind people. But Fifi cant help_. (they them)5、Listen again and circle “can, cant” . Answer the question:Q2:Can Fifi help the blind people?6、Learn the sentences: Can Fifi help the blind people? No, he cant. / Yes, he can. (read in pairs )Fifi is a pet dog. So he only wants to play. Read this sentenc

        9、e.Pay attention to “wants”。 (Learn the third person singular of the simple present tense.)Read the target sentences on the blackboard. Lets sum up the usage of “ can ”。7、Development activities : read these sentences and feel the usage of the original form of verbs.a. Lets see.b. I will go to school

        10、tomorrow.c. He is going to swim.d. I want to drink water.8、Listen to the text and repeat.9、Read in roles. Learn TV presenter.(畢福劍) Who wants to be Lingling/ Amy/ TV presenter?Step 4. Production1、Dogs are very clever. What about the other animals? Lets see. Try to say“ This can/ cant”2、Guessing game.

        11、 Try to say “ Thiscan/cant” Guess “ Can.?”3、Do some practice. (Task paper)4、Reading practice : There is a TV show.This is the TV presenter- little pig. Please read and complete.5、Talk about your pet . Whats your favourite animals ?Please talk about your pet.Step 5. Summary and homework1、Sum up:What

        12、have we learned today?2、Homework:Copy the key words and the target sentences for 3 times.Write a passage about your pet.3、There are many disabled people in our life. Lets have a look. Show them some pictures of disabled people who named TaiLihua, Yangguang, LiuWei and PingYali etc.They are broken in

        13、 health but not in spirit .4、Learn English proverbs:a. Broken in health but not in spirit.b. Be the useful to the society.板書設計:Module 7 Unit 1 This dog can help him.special Can Fifi help the blind people?blind No, he cant. Yes, he can.He only wants to play.高三英語語法填空教案篇2教學目標:知識與技能1、能夠聽說讀寫單詞 again , pu

        14、t on, take off2、使用句型I like to_.表達個人喜好。3、進一步復習掌握表示衣服名稱的詞和天氣情況的單詞。過程與方法運用實物、圖片等讓學生獲得感知采用小組活動的方式,有合作、有競爭情感態度與價值觀讓學生了解在不同的季節穿不同的衣服,培養學生的鍛煉意識。促使學生在日常生活中使用英語交際。教學重點:本課的表示衣服名稱的詞和天氣情況的單詞重點單詞again , put on, take off 及句型I like to_.。教學難點:運用所學知識描繪自己的行為及動作。教具學具:一些衣服實物、單詞卡片、滑冰鞋、錄音機、雪橇等。教學過程:一、Class Opening and Re

        15、view1、Play “Simon Says”學習“put on, take off“及所學衣服的詞匯,例如:指名到教室前面,教師發指令,Put on your scarf. Take off your mitts.2、學生快速描述每位學生根據個人的實際情況說出自己所穿的衣服(可以用自己喜歡的方式) I am wearing _. I like red .My sweater is red.3、(Ask and answer)問答練習(a)How many seasons are there in a year?(b)Whats your favorite season?(c)What do

        16、you wear in winter/spring/summer/fall?(d)What do you like to do in spring/summer/fall/winter?二、New conceptsa、skate, ski, learn, teach 教師拿出滑冰鞋,邊做動作邊說:“I like to skate on the ice. Can you skate? Do you want to learn? I can teach you.并用單詞卡片學習“skate, learn, teach”b.用同樣的方法教學“ski, I like to ski on the sno

        17、w.” 學生模仿并結合實際說句子。C、This is winter. Where are Jenny and Li Ming? 學生聽錄音或放光盤,回答問題No.1 A cold, snowy daya) What day is today?b) What season is this?c) What clothes does Jenny/Li Ming wear?d) What do they see?e) What does Danny say?將學生分組,根據所回答的問題變成一段話,并指明復述,也可分組比賽。No.2.Where is Danny? 聽錄音或放光盤,回答問題a) What

        18、 does Danny like to do in winter?b) Does Li Ming swim? Why?c) What do you like to do in winter?回答后,分組討論自己在不同的季節喜歡做的事情。三、Class ClosingWhats your favorite season? Why? What do you like to do in the season? Talk about them and write down.板書設計:Lesson 14 Snow!Its Winter In winter I put on my _.I take off

        19、_.What a cold ,snowy day! Im putting on my scarf. Im going to take off高三英語語法填空教案篇3教學目標1.認知目標:o能熟知課文主要內容,掌握相應的語言知識(單詞、習慣用語、語法和功能用語)。o能結合所給任務,綜合運用新、舊知識完成任務。2.技能目標o能培養良好的聽、說、讀、寫的能力,能正確使用動詞過去式進行準確的描述。o通過觀察、想象、模仿和表演等熟練、生動、有創造性地從圖片或文字材料中獲取有效信息,拓寬視野,圍繞“上一周周末活動”進行交際。o能在日常生活中恰當理解這單元話題范圍內的單詞和習慣用語,在真實的語言環境中體會語

        20、言,運用語言,感受語言的真實價值,品味語言的實際意義,從而獲得運用語言的實際能力,運用所學知識進行創造性地發揮應用和積極主動地用英語進行交流。3.情感目標o合理安排自己周末的學習、運動、休息、娛樂等活動形式,過有益義的周末。保持愉快的心情,以積極的姿態,精神飽滿地面對生活與學習。教學重難點單詞:beach,pool,visit,stay,cute,test,cook,spend,mountain,practice以及不規則變化行為動詞is,do,go,have,read,see,write,sit的過去式形式was,did,went,had,read,saw,wrote,sat短語:go to

        21、(a place),go shopping,go for a walk with,visit (a person),watch sb do sth,It is time to do sth,read a book about(history),see an interesting talk show,study for the(math)test。教學工具課件教學過程Step1. Revision1. Check the past tense of some words.2. Practice “How was your weekend?”Step2. ExerciseAsk: What di

        22、d you do yesterday?Lets see what Sally and Jim did yesterday. Do 1a on P56.Do you like the things they did? Ask: Do you like to play the guitar? .Listen and write down what Sally and Jim did last weekend and complete the chart.Step3. SurveyInterview your partners about their parents: What did your m

        23、other /father do last weekend? Then give us a report: My friend _s father/mother last weekend.Step4. ReadingRead 3a by yourself, and circle the activities you like. Underline the activities you dont like. Then let the students give their answers.Explain: For most kids.Then ask some students to read

        24、the passage.Step5. SurveyWhat did most of you do last weekend? Ask about your friends in your group and give a report:Last weekend, most of us .Step6. ExerciseDo 3b. First ask questions about the pictures? What is he/she doing?Then fill in the blanks according to the pictures.Step7 Oral WritingCan you introduce your last weekend like 3b?Homework:1. Write about what you did last weekend.2.Do workbook(1) P35 (2)26課后小結學了這節課,你有什么收獲?課后習題完成課后練習題。板書Unit 9 How was your weekend?

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