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        1、商學英語教程unit7講義G8 members:楊吉楊吉 葉建兵葉建兵 俞淑銘俞淑銘 徐穎徐穎 鐘小惠鐘小惠 史涵文史涵文 葉帆葉帆 商學英語教程unit7講義 Content 1.the production process of glass 2.core activity of business 3.vocabulary bank 4.business location 商學英語教程unit7講義First,Let us learn the process of making high quality crystal glass商學英語教程unit7講義 1 C In order to m

        2、ake glass,sand,lead oxide and other chemicals,as well as a quantity of broken glass known as cullet,are mixed together in a container.為了制作玻璃,砂,氧化物和其他鉛化學品,以及大量的碎玻璃被稱為“碎玻璃”,混合在一個容器里面。商學英語教程unit7講義2 E The raw materials are heated in a very hot oven,as shown in the picture.Once melted,the mixture can be

        3、 made into different shapes.原材料在高溫爐中加熱,如圖所示。一旦融化,混合物可制成不同的形狀。商學英語教程unit7講義 3 F In the case of handmade crystal products,glass blowers gather a small amount of liquid glass with their long blowing pipes.The glass blowers roll the hot glass attached to the end of the pipes in such a way that it become

        4、s a smooth ball.風機收集少量液體玻璃他們長的風管的玻璃吹卷。附著在管端在熱玻璃這樣一種方式,它變成了一個光滑的球商學英語教程unit7講義Then,by blowing through the pipes,they canmake the required designs.In addition to blowing,the use of a special mould may be necessary tohelp form the correct shape.然后,通過吹通過管道,他們可以進行所需的設計。除了吹,一個特殊的模具的使用可能是必要的有助于形成正確的形狀。商學英語

        5、教程unit7講義The hot glass products go into a cooling tunnelin order to cool down to room temperature 冷卻至室溫商學英語教程unit7講義6 D The end of the production process takes place inthe finishing room where the items are smoothed,washed,polished and packed.生產過程的結束發生在最終車間里,物品變得平滑,已被清洗,拋光和包裝。商學英語教程unit7講義MANAGING O

        6、PERATIONSWhat is the lecturer going to talk about?Write yes,no,or not mentioned managing production the supply chain quality costs of production production methods scheduling 2.What is the supply chain?7.2 B page 117商學英語教程unit7講義Answers:商學英語教程unit7講義 MANAGING OPERATIONS Make notes in an appropriate

        7、form What is another word for inputs?What resources are involved in manufacturing?Give some examples.Were your questions in exercise A answered?questions7.2 C page 117 118商學英語教程unit7講義 MANAGING OPERATIONS商學英語教程unit7講義123inputTransformation outputresourcesFinish product Value added 商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教

        8、程unit7講義Value added 一定時期內企業在生產產品中增加的價值,價值構成C1+V+M。是指企業在報告期內以貨幣形式表現的本企業生產活動的最終成果,是企業全部生產活動的最終成果扣除了在生產過程中消耗和轉換的物質產品和勞務價值后的余額,是企業生產過程中新創造的價值。118 part 3商學英語教程unit7講義商商業業利利潤潤 表面上,是商業資本所表面上,是商業資本所有者通過賤買貴賣獲得的有者通過賤買貴賣獲得的 實際上,是產業資本所實際上,是產業資本所有者轉讓給商業資本所有有者轉讓給商業資本所有者的、由生產領域工人創者的、由生產領域工人創造的剩余價值的一部分造的剩余價值的一部分 商業

        9、利潤的形成商業利潤的形成商業資本和商業利潤商業資本和商業利潤value added商學英語教程unit7講義資本家集團路徑路徑剩余價值(surplus value)利潤(profit)產業資本商業資本借貸資本工人(labour)商學英語教程unit7講義a(固定成本)產銷量息稅前利潤bx(變動成本)Px(銷售收入)EBIT=px-bx-a=M-ac商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教程unit7講義Learn some fixed phrases in the field of business studies assembly line 流水線流水線 capital investment 資

        10、金投資資金投資 cash flow 資金流動資金流動 manufacturing process 制造過程;制造方法制造過程;制造方法 project management 項目管理項目管理 productivity gain 提高生產率,增大產量提高生產率,增大產量 service industry 服務業服務業 Company director Product life cycle 產品壽命周期;產品壽命周期;Page 54 商學英語教程unit7講義Learn some fixed phrases which are used in academic and technical Engl

        11、ish As shown As well In addition I n order In such a way I n the case Known The end The use 商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教程unit7講義Turn to page 60商學英語教程unit7講義Skills bankGiven informations:informations which the listener or reader already knows,from general knowledge or from previous information in the text.It n

        12、ormally goes at the beginning of the sentense.New informations:information which is new in this text,it nomally goes at the beginning of the sentence Page 61 商學英語教程unit7講義Skills bank Giving sentences a special focusNormal Watt invented the steam engine In 1770 Focusing on personIt was watt who inven

        13、ted the steam engine in 1770Focusing on objectIt was the steam engine which walt invented in 1770Focusing on timeIt was in 1770 that walt invented steam engine 商學英語教程unit7講義BUSINESS Location&Layout 選址和布局選址和布局商學英語教程unit7講義 Bristor is a good airport for tourists.There are not many business customers i

        14、n Bristol.Customers convenience is a key factor in service business location Even if the Continental Airliness flight is more expensive,many customers will find it attractive.Costs are the main issue in chossing a business location.商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教程unit7講義Continental Airliness new route a introduc

        15、ing b asking for clarification c agreeing/disagreeing d clarifying 商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教程unit7講義You might have heard people say that location is the most important thing for a business.Then,the next most important is.location,and so on.For many businesses,getting the right location can make the differe

        16、nce between success and failure.Can think of a shop or restaurant near where you live that has closed down,maybe because it was in the wrong place?商學英語教程unit7講義Location Decisions選址決策選址決策Location decisions affect processes throughout the organization.Marketing must assess how the location will appeal

        17、 to customers;possibly opening new markets.Human Resources must be attuned to the firms hiring and training needs.Accounting and Finance must evaluate costing.Operations needs to be able to meet current customer demand and provide the right amount of customer contact.商學英語教程unit7講義Factors Affecting L

        18、ocation Decisions影響選址的因素影響選址的因素Managers must weigh many factors when assessing the desirability of particular locations.The factor must be sensitive to location.The factor must have a high impact on the companys ability to meet its goals.商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教程unit

        19、7講義商學英語教程unit7講義Dominant Factors in Manufacturing制造企業主要選址因素選址因素制造企業主要選址因素選址因素 Favorable labor climate.May be most important factor in labor-intensive industries Proximity to markets.Important when outbound transportation rates are high.Quality of life.Good schools,recreational facilities,cultural ev

        20、ents and attractive lifestyle.Proximity to suppliers and resources.Important when inbound transportation costs are high.Proximity to the parent companys facilities.Important when coordination and communication is critical.Utilities,taxes,and real estate costs.商學英語教程unit7講義Dominant Factors in Service

        21、s服務業選址因素服務業選址因素 Proximity to customers.How conveniently customers can carry on business with a firm.Transportation costs and proximity to markets.Especially for warehousing and distribution operations.Location of Competitors.Estimating the sales potential and impact of competition.Critical mass is a

        22、 situation whereby several competing firms clustered in one location attract more customers than the total number who would shop at the same stores at scattered locations.Site-Specific Factors.Including residential density,traffic flow,and site visibility.商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教程unit7講義商學英語教程unit7講義The l

        23、ocation of businessIt is convenient for the supply of water and electricAway from downtown Glass factory It is convenient for the supply of water and electricAway from downtown 商學英語教程unit7講義Downtown area Students and office workers Convenient traffic Many peopleWithout noise and polluted air aroundB

        24、ookshop 商學英語教程unit7講義Convenient Adequate sources of water beautiful enviroment Adequate material Soft drinks factory商學英語教程unit7講義a bright economy developmentPerfect basic facilities Convenient trafficLuxury hotel 商學英語教程unit7講義Sufficient labor force Sufficient powerConvenient traffic Car parts factor

        25、y商學英語教程unit7講義Near to the residential area Large population flow Convenient traffic Away from competitor as far as possible supermarket商學英語教程unit7講義High terrain(海拔)convenient traffic Adequate water Without polluted water and air Sugar factory 商學英語教程unit7講義In a word,act according to local condition 商學英語教程unit7講義

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