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        1、.寫出下列單詞的變化形式寫出下列單詞的變化形式1不理睬,忽視不理睬,忽視 v_無知的無知的 adj._無知無知 n._2權力,力量權力,力量 n_強大的強大的 adj._ 無權的,無影響力的無權的,無影響力的 adj._3灰塵灰塵 n._積滿灰塵的積滿灰塵的 adj._ignoreignorantignorancepowerpowerfulpowerlessdustdusty4同意同意 v._不同意不同意 v._協議協議 n._5喜歡喜歡 n&v._不喜歡不喜歡 n&v._6關心,涉及,關系到關心,涉及,關系到 n&v._關心的,有關的關心的,有關的 adj._有關的有關的 prep._agr

        2、eedisagreeagreementlikedislikeconcernconcernedconcerning7 感 激 感 激 n._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 感 激 的感 激 的 a d j._感激地感激地 adv._8遭受,忍受,經歷遭受,忍受,經歷 v._痛苦,不幸痛苦,不幸 n._gratitudegratefulgratefullysuffersuffering9._(v.)(使使)平靜;(使)鎮定平靜;(使)鎮定;(adj.)平靜的,鎮靜的,沉著的平靜的,鎮靜的,沉著的 calmcalm10._(adj.)德國的德國的;_(n.)德國德國;_(n.)德國人(復數形式

        3、)德國人(復數形式)11._(adv.)在戶外;在野外在戶外;在野外;_(反義詞反義詞)12._(adj.)整個的;完全的;全部的整個的;完全的;全部的;_(adv.)GermanGermanyGermansoutdoors indoors entire entirely 1._合計合計 2._平靜下來;(使)鎮定下來平靜下來;(使)鎮定下來3._關心;掛念關心;掛念 4._經歷;經受經歷;經受5._ 記下;放下;登記記下;放下;登記 6 _一連串的;一系列;一套一連串的;一系列;一套 7._ 故意故意 8._ 為了為了10._在黃昏時刻在黃昏時刻 11._ 面對面的面對面的12._不再不再a

        4、dd upcalm downbe concerned aboutgo through set down a series of on purpose in order to at dusk face to face nolonger/not any longerIII完成完成Warming up中的測試題并找出并翻譯中的測試題并找出并翻譯以下句子。以下句子。1)Add up your score and see how many points you get.2)While walking the dog,you were careless and it got loose and was h

        5、it by a car.合計一下你的得分并看看你得了多少分。合計一下你的得分并看看你得了多少分。遛狗時,遛狗時,你太粗心,狗松開后被車撞了。你太粗心,狗松開后被車撞了。3)描述朋友的形容詞)描述朋友的形容詞friendskindhonestbravehelpfulgeneroushumorouscleverhard-workingpatientresponsibleIV合作探究合作探究(思考并和隊友討論完成以下任務)(思考并和隊友討論完成以下任務)1).Is friendship very important?Why?2).Do you have friends?What kind of fr

        6、iend do you like?4)有關朋友的諺語翻譯。)有關朋友的諺語翻譯。A friend in need is a friend indeed.A life without a friend is a life without a sun.人生沒有了朋友猶如生活沒有了陽光。人生沒有了朋友猶如生活沒有了陽光。A friend without faults will never be found.沒有缺點的朋友是永遠找不到的沒有缺點的朋友是永遠找不到的 Friends are like wine;the older,the better.朋友似酒朋友似酒,愈久彌香。愈久彌香。A frien

        7、d is a second self.朋友是第二個自我。朋友是第二個自我。Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.和朋友走在黑暗中好過一個人獨自在光明中行走和朋友走在黑暗中好過一個人獨自在光明中行走?;茧y見真情患難見真情Scanning The time of the storyThe place of the storyThe heroine of the storyAnnes best friendThe length of time they hid awayThe date

        8、of the diaryWorld War IINetherlands Anne her diary-Kitty over two yearsThursday 15,June,1944Fill in the form below.2把下面三句中文翻譯成英語并回答問題。把下面三句中文翻譯成英語并回答問題。1)為什么安妮和她的家人要躲起來?)為什么安妮和她的家人要躲起來?Q:Why did Anne and her family have to hide(away)?A:Because they were Jewish and they were afraid of being caught by

        9、 the German Nazis.2)在那期間誰是安妮真正的朋友?)在那期間誰是安妮真正的朋友?Q:Who was Annes true friend during that time?A:Her diary,Kitty.3)為什么安妮把她的日記看作是她的朋友?)為什么安妮把她的日記看作是她的朋友?Q:Why did Anne regard the diary as her friend?A:Because she was lonely and she had to keep everything in the diary.3:當堂檢測當堂檢測1.Anne Frank and her fam

        10、ily hid away for_ A over a year B over two years C three years D one year and a half2 According to Anne,a true friend is a person_A.that would laugh at you B who makes you happyC whom you can trust D who could save your lifeBC3.Anne said that she had grown crazy about nature because_ A her interest

        11、in nature had grown B she had always been so C she had been outdoors too long D she had been indoors too long 4.She didnt dare open the window when the moon was bright.Thats because_ A they might be discovered B her family might be disturbedC it was very cold D a thief might get into the roomDA5 Ann

        12、e and her family were caught by German Nazis_ _ A about June 1945 B about February 1945 C about December 1944 D about August 1944D III.挑戰自我挑戰自我.A best friend is someone who you can tell everything _,even your most _(person)feelings and thoughts.Anne Frank treated her diary _ her best friend.The Germ

        13、an Nazis were in search of Anne and her family.The family had to hide _ from the chase.They didnt dare go out even in the evenings.They had to stay indoors day and _Not being able to go out for such a long time,Anne missed the beauty of nature so much that she grew _ about everything to do with it.S

        14、he stayed up _ eleven thirty one evening on _ just to see the moonlight.She said:“This is the first time I _(see)the moonlight since I was here.”Unfortunately,the family _(discover)at last and taken away from the hiding place.topersonalasawaynightcrazy untilpurposehave seenwere discovered用所給單詞的適當形式完

        15、成句子。用所給單詞的適當形式完成句子。1As far as I am_,it is quite natural that the farmers are _about the sale of the land because it is a matter that _all of them.So youd better let them see all the official documents _ the sale of this land.(concern)2There is so much _in this world.For e x a m p l e,m a n y A f r i

        16、 c a n p e o p l e a re _hunger while some other people c o n t i n u e t o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ f r o m s e r i o u s pollution.(suffer)concernedconcernedconcernsconcerningsufferingsufferingsuffer3The desk was covered with _ and from the _furniture you could see that it was a deserted house.(dust)4Pover

        17、ty,disease and _remain major world problems.It is not a question that can be_.(ignore)5After he came to _,everyone said he was a _ leader,but now he felt so _ that he even couldnt save his daughter.(power)6I was very _ to my teachers for their help and my _ to them was beyond words.(gratitude)dustdu

        18、styignoranceignoredpowerpowerfulpowerlessgratefulgratitude1.add up 合計;加起來合計;加起來 Add up your score and see how many points you get.累加你的分數,看你能得多少分。累加你的分數,看你能得多少分。小試牛刀:小試牛刀:The bad weather _.壞天氣添加了我們的困難。壞天氣添加了我們的困難。Please _ to the milk.請往牛奶里加些糖。請往牛奶里加些糖。Its normal that a famous sports players cars _ fi

        19、ve.一個著名運動員總計有一個著名運動員總計有5輛車是很正常的。輛車是很正常的。added to our difficulty add some sugar to add up to 2.upset adj.心煩意亂的;不安的;不適的;心煩意亂的;不安的;不適的;vt.使不安;使心煩使不安;使心煩 小試牛刀:小試牛刀:He _ not being invited to the party.沒有邀請他去聚會,他很不高興。沒有邀請他去聚會,他很不高興。Dont _ it.Lets forget it.你別為這事心煩了,忘了它吧。你別為這事心煩了,忘了它吧。was upset at/about up

        20、set yourself about 3.ignore vt.不理睬;忽視不理睬;忽視 You will ignore the bell and go somewhere quiet to calm your friend down.你會顧不上課鈴,去一個安靜的你會顧不上課鈴,去一個安靜的地方,使你的朋友安靜下來。地方,使你的朋友安靜下來。He was driving very fast because he was ignorant of the speed limit.他的車開得很快,因為他不知道要限速。他的車開得很快,因為他不知道要限速。小試牛刀:小試牛刀:He _and goes on

        21、 the smoking.他他不顧醫生的忠告而繼續吸煙。不顧醫生的忠告而繼續吸煙。It is a question that can not _ .這是一個不容忽視的問題。這是一個不容忽視的問題。His failure resulted from _.他的失敗起因于他的無知他的失敗起因于他的無知 ignores the doctors advice be ignored his ignorance4.calm vt.&vi.(使)平靜;(使)鎮定(使)平靜;(使)鎮定 adj.平靜的;鎮定的;沉著的平靜的;鎮定的;沉著的 潛心辨析:潛心辨析:calm/quiet/still/silentcal

        22、m主要是用于指氣候、海洋等風平浪靜的。也主要是用于指氣候、海洋等風平浪靜的。也可指人,表示安靜的鎮靜的??芍溉?,表示安靜的鎮靜的。quiet 指沒有吵鬧聲的、沒有噪音的。它強調聲音指沒有吵鬧聲的、沒有噪音的。它強調聲音很小、很低或全無聲音。很小、很低或全無聲音。still 可以指環境的安靜,也可以指姿勢保持一動不可以指環境的安靜,也可以指姿勢保持一動不動。動。silent 強調不發表意見,也可指強調不發表意見,也可指“寂靜寂靜”,強調沒,強調沒有聲音或沉默不語。有聲音或沉默不語。小試牛刀:小試牛刀:Keep _ while I tie your shoe.One must keep _ in

        23、time of danger.Be _ when you are at the concert.I wonder why its so _.still calm silent quiet 5.concern vt.涉及;關系到;參與;使擔心;涉及;關系到;參與;使擔心;使操心;使操心;n.擔心;關心;關注;(利害)關系擔心;關心;關注;(利害)關系思維拓展思維拓展:as/so far asbe concerned 就就而言而言feel/show concern about/for 擔心擔心/關心關心/掛念掛念be concerned with 與與有關的有關的be concerned abou

        24、t 關心關心小試牛刀:小試牛刀:She _a great deal of _ her sons illness.她非常擔心兒子的病。她非常擔心兒子的病。He _ the matter.他與此事有牽連。他與此事有牽連。showed concern about/for was concerned with 6.go through 經歷;經過;穿過;遭受;忍受;經歷;經過;穿過;遭受;忍受;獲得通過;詳細檢查,查找;完成獲得通過;詳細檢查,查找;完成Or are you afraid that your friend would laugh at you,or would not understa

        25、nd what you are going through?(根據句意猜測根據句意猜測go through的的意思,同下。意思,同下。)May/Might I go through this gate?You will go through tough times.或者你是不是擔心你的朋友會嘲笑你,或會不理解或者你是不是擔心你的朋友會嘲笑你,或會不理解你目前的困境呢?你目前的困境呢?我可以通過這道門嗎?我可以通過這道門嗎?艱難的時候總會過去。艱難的時候總會過去。思維拓展:猜猜下列和思維拓展:猜猜下列和go相關的詞組的意思相關的詞組的意思 go through with sth.go again

        26、st go by go over go ahead go along 完成某事完成某事違背違背過去;逝世過去;逝世復習,檢查一遍復習,檢查一遍向前;進行向前;進行進展;相處進展;相處小試牛刀:小試牛刀:Some of the students _hardships before they entered the university.有些大學生在進入大學之前體驗過艱苦的生活。有些大學生在進入大學之前體驗過艱苦的生活。I _all my pockets looking for my keys.我翻遍了所有的口袋找鑰匙。我翻遍了所有的口袋找鑰匙。had gone through went thro

        27、ugh 7.set down=put/write/take down 記下;放下;登記記下;放下;登記 思維拓展:猜猜下列和思維拓展:猜猜下列和go相關的詞組的意思相關的詞組的意思set free set about(doing)sth.set off set out set up 釋放某人釋放某人著手做某事著手做某事動身(動身(for);引爆);引爆豎起;創設;開辦豎起;創設;開辦出發出發 著手干(著手干(to do sth.)陳述)陳述You dont have to set down all that our teacher said.你不必把老師講的都記下來。你不必把老師講的都記下來。

        28、How shall I set myself down in the hotel register?在旅館的登記簿上,我應如何登記自己的身呢?在旅館的登記簿上,我應如何登記自己的身呢?小試牛刀:小試牛刀:She _ the report after breakfast and handed it in at noon.她早飯后著手寫報告并且中午就上交了。她早飯后著手寫報告并且中午就上交了。If you went to catch that train,wed better _ for the station immediately.你要是想趕上那班火車,咱們就最好馬上動身去火你要是想趕上那班火

        29、車,咱們就最好馬上動身去火車站。車站。set about writing set off 8.a series of 一連串的;一系列;一套一連串的;一系列;一套 Have you seen a series of books like this?你讀你讀過這系列的書嗎?過這系列的書嗎?Then began a series of wet days that spoiled our vacation.接著是一連串的雨天,把我們的假期接著是一連串的雨天,把我們的假期弄得一團糟。弄得一團糟。小試牛刀:小試牛刀:A series of films about him _.關于關于他的一系列電影已經問

        30、世了。他的一系列電影已經問世了。Three series of papers _ to the students.給學生們發了三套試題。給學生們發了三套試題。has come out are/were handed out 9.on purpose 故意地;有意地故意地;有意地小試牛刀:小試牛刀:I didnt do it _-it was an accident.我不是故意做這件事的,這是一次意外。我不是故意做這件事的,這是一次意外。He went to the USA _ further study.為了深造,他去了美國為了深造,他去了美國on purpose for/with the p

        31、urpose of 10.in order to 目的是目的是,以便,以便,為了,為了 In order to catch the train,she hurried through her work.為了趕火車,她匆匆做完了她的作業。為了趕火車,她匆匆做完了她的作業。In order to be heard by all the students,the teacher spoke in a loud voice.老師大聲講以便全體同學都能聽到。老師大聲講以便全體同學都能聽到。1)不定式的邏輯主語應與句子的主語保持一致;不定式的邏輯主語應與句子的主語保持一致;2)由肯定形式變否定形式時,都是

        32、在由肯定形式變否定形式時,都是在to前加前加not;3)如果表目的的是一個句子,可以換用如果表目的的是一個句子,可以換用in order that 或或so that來引導,從句中常用情態動詞來引導,從句中常用情態動詞can,may,could,might,will等。不同點:等。不同點:in order to 可以用于句首,但可以用于句首,但so as to不可以。不可以。思維點激:思維點激:In order to 表示目的,它與表示目的,它與so as to在用法上有在用法上有何異同?何異同?小試牛刀:小試牛刀:He bought this present _ give his son a

        33、 surprise.He got up early _ the early bus.in order to in order not to/so as not to miss 11.face to face 面對面地;面對著面對面地;面對著 (相當于副詞,在句中做狀語)相當于副詞,在句中做狀語)思維點激:思維點激:觀察下面的例句,你發現了觀察下面的例句,你發現了face to face 和和face-to-face在用法上的區別嗎?在用法上的區別嗎?They had a wonderful party last night.First,they danced face to face and

        34、then they had a face-to-face talk,laughing merrily.face to face相當于副詞,在句中做狀語;相當于副詞,在句中做狀語;face-to-face相當于形容詞,在句中做前置定語相當于形容詞,在句中做前置定語小試牛刀:小試牛刀:Youd better _ with each other,I think.我認為你們最好彼此坦誠地談談。我認為你們最好彼此坦誠地談談。To learn English,one should go _.學習英語要一步一步來。學習英語要一步一步來。have a heart-to-heart talk step by s

        35、tep heart to heart 坦誠地坦誠地shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩地肩并肩地back to back 背對背地背對背地hand in hand 手拉手地手拉手地arm in arm 臂挽臂地臂挽臂地one by one 一個一個地一個一個地side by side 并排地,并肩地并排地,并肩地step by step 逐步地逐步地12.She found it difficult to settle and 她發現很難安定下來她發現很難安定下來She作主語;作主語;found 為謂語;為謂語;it作形式賓語,作形式賓語,difficult作賓語補足語;作賓語補足

        36、語;to settle動詞不定式作動詞不定式作真正的賓語。真正的賓語。find it+賓補賓補+to do 翻譯:翻譯:我覺得很難同你談任何嚴肅的事。我覺得很難同你談任何嚴肅的事。_我認為有必要把事情的全部告訴他們。我認為有必要把事情的全部告訴他們。_ I find it difficult to talk with you about anything serious.I think it necessary to tell them all about the matter.13.She suffered from loneliness,but she had to learn to li

        37、ke it there.她遭受孤獨的折磨,但是她遭受孤獨的折磨,但是她得學會喜歡呆在那里。她得學會喜歡呆在那里。Iraq suffered serious damage from the war.伊拉克因戰爭而遭受了嚴重的破壞。伊拉克因戰爭而遭受了嚴重的破壞。He is suffering from cancer.他患上了癌癥。他患上了癌癥。小試牛刀:小試牛刀:The young man _ a bad cold the other day and was sent to hospital.前幾天,那個年輕人患上了重感冒被送往了醫院。前幾天,那個年輕人患上了重感冒被送往了醫院。In order

        38、 to send me to college,my parents _.為了送我去上大學,我的父母親受了很多苦。為了送我去上大學,我的父母親受了很多苦。suffered from suffer(ed)a lot 15.“Ive got tired of looking at nature through dirty curtains and dusty windows”Anne said to her father.get tired of 意為意為“厭倦,厭煩厭倦,厭煩”;有時我們也可;有時我們也可以用以用be tired of,同義詞有:同義詞有:be sick of;be bored o

        39、f;be fed up with.Im tired of his silly questions.我已經厭倦了他我已經厭倦了他那些愚蠢的問題。那些愚蠢的問題。I got tired of so much reading.我厭倦了如此我厭倦了如此大量的閱讀。大量的閱讀。get/be tired from/with 意為意為“因(做)因(做)而而勞累勞累”;be tired out“疲勞,疲倦疲勞,疲倦”You must be tired from such a long walk.Sit down and have a rest.走了這么長的路你一定走了這么長的路你一定累了,坐下來歇歇吧。累了,

        40、坐下來歇歇吧。The farmer was tired out after doing the heavy work.干完那些重活后,干完那些重活后,那位農民累得那位農民累得筋疲力盡了。筋疲力盡了。小試牛刀:小試牛刀:We _ having the same kind of food every day.天天吃同樣的食物,我們天天吃同樣的食物,我們都吃膩了。都吃膩了。She was tired _ teaching,but she was never tired _ teaching.她教課累了,但她教課累了,但是她絕不厭煩教學。是她絕不厭煩教學。I was completely _ afte

        41、r all that.作了那么多事以后,我感到筋疲力盡作了那么多事以后,我感到筋疲力盡are/get tired of with oftired out 在遛狗的時候,你不小心松了手,結果被一輛汽車撞了在遛狗的時候,你不小心松了手,結果被一輛汽車撞了 While walking the dog,you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car.小試牛刀:小試牛刀:He fell asleep while _(=while he was doing)his homework.他做作業時睡著了。他做作業時睡著了。_,Ill come t

        42、omorrow.必必要的話,明天我就來。要的話,明天我就來。doing If necessary 句中句中while walking the dog=while you were walking the dog.本句中本句中while后面省略了主語后面省略了主語you和和be動詞動詞were.while或者或者when引導的時間狀語從句中的主語和主句中引導的時間狀語從句中的主語和主句中的主語一致且謂語含有的主語一致且謂語含有be動詞或為動詞或為it is(was)形式,可形式,可省略從句中的主語和省略從句中的主語和be動詞。動詞。2.2.我不知道這是不是因為我長久無法出門的緣故,我不知道這是不

        43、是因為我長久無法出門的緣故,我變得對一切與大自然有關的事物都無比狂熱。我變得對一切與大自然有關的事物都無比狂熱。I wonder if its because I havent been able to be outdoors for so long that Ive grown so crazy about everything to do with nature.句型句型 I wonder whether/if.不知是否不知是否,I wonder whether you can calm her down.,我想知道你我想知道你是否能使她冷靜下來。是否能使她冷靜下來。(1)我想知道你能否聽

        44、我解釋整件事。我想知道你能否聽我解釋整件事。(2)我想知道你是否能和你的新同學友好相處。我想知道你是否能和你的新同學友好相處。I wonder whether you can let me explain the whole thing.I wonder whether you can get along well with your new classmates.3.這是我一年半以來第一次目睹夜晚這是我一年半以來第一次目睹夜晚 It was the first time in a year and a half that Id seen the night face to face小試牛刀:

        45、小試牛刀:It is the first time that I _ such a big watermelon.這是我第一次見這么大的西瓜。這是我第一次見這么大的西瓜。It was the second time that I _ to Europe那是我第二次去歐洲。那是我第二次去歐洲。have seen had been Its time that sb.did/should do sth.某人該做某事了一某人該做某事了一般情況下般情況下should不省略。不省略。Its time for sb.to do sth.到了某人該做某事的時候了。到了某人該做某事的時候了。the first

        46、time第一次,用作連詞,后接時間狀語從句。第一次,用作連詞,后接時間狀語從句。for the first time第一次,介詞短語用作狀語,可單獨第一次,介詞短語用作狀語,可單獨使用。使用。小試牛刀:小試牛刀:_ the Olympic Games in 2012,2012年該倫敦舉辦奧運會了。年該倫敦舉辦奧運會了。=Its time that London _ the Olympic Games in 2012.When I saw him _,I thought him very honest.當我第一次見到他時,當我第一次見到他時,我就認為他很誠實。我就認為他很誠實。It is tim

        47、e for London to hold for the first time held 4我一直等到非關窗不可的時候才下樓去。我一直等到非關窗不可的時候才下樓去。I didnt go downstairs until the window had to be shut.句型句型not.until.“直到直到才才”,在這個句型中,在這個句型中,主句的動詞必須是終止性動詞。主句的動詞必須是終止性動詞。,He didnt know the truth until I told him.,直到我告訴他直到我告訴他他才知道真相。他才知道真相。(1)他直到他直到12點才離開我家。點才離開我家。He _

        48、my home _ twelve oclock.(2)我叔叔直到四十歲才結婚。我叔叔直到四十歲才結婚。_My uncle didnt marry until he was forty years old.didnt leaveuntil/till4I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky,the song of the birds,moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound.我清楚地記得曾經有段時間藍色的天空、鳥兒的我清楚地記得曾經有段時間

        49、藍色的天空、鳥兒的歌唱、月光和鮮花都不會讓我迷戀。歌唱、月光和鮮花都不會讓我迷戀。句型句型There was a time when.曾經有段時間曾經有段時間,when引導定語從句。引導定語從句。,There was a time when I was very concerned about the leftover children.,曾有一段時間我很關心留守兒童。曾有一段時間我很關心留守兒童。(1)曾有一段時間我非常討厭我的小弟弟。曾有一段時間我非常討厭我的小弟弟。_(2)曾有一段時間我英語學得很好。曾有一段時間我英語學得很好。_(2)There was a time when I wa

        50、s getting along well with English.(1)There was a time when I disliked my little brother very much.課后自主測評課后自主測評 1.我第一眼就喜歡上了這套房子。(我第一眼就喜歡上了這套房子。(fall in love)I _at first sight.2.他們一起唱這首歌。(他們一起唱這首歌。(join in)They all _.3.和他相處是很有趣的。(和他相處是很有趣的。(get on/along with)It is interesting _.fall in love with the h

        51、ouse join in singing the song to get on/along with him 4.對于我們應該做什么,我常常跟他意見不一致。對于我們應該做什么,我常常跟他意見不一致。(disagree)I often _ what we ought to do.5.我極討厭打牌賭錢。(我極討厭打牌賭錢。(dislike)I have _ playing cards for money.6.我非常感激你沒有對我們老板說這件事情。我非常感激你沒有對我們老板說這件事情。(grateful)I _ disagree with him about a strong dislike for

        52、 am grateful that you didnt tell our boss about this.考點活用考點活用用本單元所學詞組、句型翻譯下列短文。用本單元所學詞組、句型翻譯下列短文。親愛的劉老師:親愛的劉老師:您好!自從我來到這所大學學習已經有一個月您好!自從我來到這所大學學習已經有一個月了,這里的一草一木都深深吸引我。而且,我和新了,這里的一草一木都深深吸引我。而且,我和新同學相處融洽,我的學習也很順利。同學相處融洽,我的學習也很順利。我很感謝你,我很感謝你,因為若沒有你的鼓勵,我就不會考上這所重點學校。因為若沒有你的鼓勵,我就不會考上這所重點學校。我很清楚地記得曾經有段時間因為

        53、我的成績一我很清楚地記得曾經有段時間因為我的成績一度落后,我很心煩。我不敢把這個情況告訴我父親,度落后,我很心煩。我不敢把這個情況告訴我父親,他為了養家糊口,經歷了很多艱難困苦。你很他為了養家糊口,經歷了很多艱難困苦。你很關心我,和我進行了一次面對面的談話,鼓勵我不關心我,和我進行了一次面對面的談話,鼓勵我不要放棄。要放棄。親愛的劉老師,于我而言,您不僅是我的老師,親愛的劉老師,于我而言,您不僅是我的老師,還是我的朋友。非常感謝您的鼓勵和幫助!還是我的朋友。非常感謝您的鼓勵和幫助!祝一切都好!祝一切都好!學生:李明學生:李明Dear Miss Liu,How are you?It has be

        54、en one month since I came to study in this university where everything keeps me spellbound.In addition,Im getting on well with my new classmates as well as my studies.I am grateful to you because I wont be admitted to the key university without your encouragement.I can well remember that there was a

        55、 time when I felt upset because I fell behind others.I didnt dare to tell this to my father,who had gone through a lot of hardships in order to support the family.You were so concerned about me that you had a face-to-face talk with me,encouraging me not to give up.Dear Miss Liu,as far as I am concer

        56、ned,you are not only my teacher but also my friend.Thank you very much for your help and encouragement.Wish you the best.Yours,Li MingGrammar 語法突破語法突破:直接引語和間接引語直接引語和間接引語1.陳述句陳述句“I dont want to set down a series of facts in a diary.”said Anne.(轉成間接引語轉成間接引語)2.一般疑問句一般疑問句He asked,“Are you leaving tonigh

        57、t?”3.特殊疑問句特殊疑問句“When did you go to bed last night?”father said to Anne.Father asked Anne when she went to bed the night before He asked me whether I was leaving that night.Anne said that she didnt want to set down a series of facts in a diary.直接引語轉換為間接引語需要注意一下幾點:直接引語轉換為間接引語需要注意一下幾點:人稱的變化人稱的變化(1)He s

        58、aid,“I like it very much.”他說:他說:“我非常喜我非常喜歡它。歡它?!?轉變成直接引語轉變成直接引語)_ 他說他非常喜歡它。他說他非常喜歡它。(2)He said to me,“Ive left my book in your room.”他他說對我說:說對我說:“我把書放在你的房間里了。我把書放在你的房間里了?!盻 他他告訴我把書放在我的房間里了。告訴我把書放在我的房間里了。.總結:直接引語變間接引語后,人稱要做相應的變化總結:直接引語變間接引語后,人稱要做相應的變化He said that he liked it very much.He told me that

        59、 he had left his book in my room.2.時態的變化:時態的變化:1)“I dont want to set down a series of facts in a diary,”said Anne.Anne said2)He said,“Im using the knife.”He said that she didnt want to set down a series of facts in a diary.that he was using the knife.直接引語與間接引語時態變化對照一覽表直接引語與間接引語時態變化對照一覽表直接引語直接引語 間接引語

        60、間接引語一般現在時一般現在時 一般過去時一般過去時 現在進行時現在進行時 過去進行時過去進行時 現在完成時現在完成時 過去完成時過去完成時 一般過去時一般過去時 過去完成時過去完成時 過去完成時過去完成時 過去完成時過去完成時 一般將來時一般將來時 過去將來時過去將來時3.指示代詞、時間狀語、地點狀語和動詞的變化指示代詞、時間狀語、地點狀語和動詞的變化 直接引語直接引語 間接引語間接引語 時時間間狀狀語語 now then today that daythis week/month/yearthat week/month/year last week/month/year Theweek/mo

        61、nth/year before tomorrow the next/following day next week/month/year the next week/month/year時間狀語、地點狀語和動詞的變化一覽表時間狀語、地點狀語和動詞的變化一覽表動詞動詞 come go 地點狀語地點狀語 here thereII 翻譯下列句子。翻譯下列句子。1.媽媽告訴兒子讓他呆在家里直到他回來。媽媽告訴兒子讓他呆在家里直到他回來。2.保羅說他們隊贏了比賽。保羅說他們隊贏了比賽。3.他說他在這兒住已很多年了。他說他在這兒住已很多年了。4.媽媽問我是否做完作業了。媽媽問我是否做完作業了。5.一個小男

        62、孩問我火車什么時候開。一個小男孩問我火車什么時候開。6.他問我那天晚上是否看到他姐姐了。他問我那天晚上是否看到他姐姐了。Mother told her son that he must stay at home until she came back Paul said that their team had won the match.He said that it was many years since he came to live here.Mother asked me if/whether I had finished my homework A small boy asked me when the train would leave.He asked me if/whether I had seen his sister that night.

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